Bachelor and Master courses

Code Course title Degree Professor(s)
01NIFLO Automotive infosystems ICT4SS and AUT
01TUVBH Big Data for Internet Applications ICT4SS
01TUYSM Big data processing and programming PhD
02LTMLP Communication Networks ECE
01QWOBG Complex Networks: Theory and Applications CCNE
01TXKSM Computer aided simulations and performance evaluation INF
01QWGBG Computer Network Design and Management CCNE
Data science for networks PhD
01QWWBH ICT in transport systems ICT4SS
NA Internet Laboratory All
01QZDMN Laboratorio di Internet AUT, ECE, ELN, INF, GES, CIN, and All
01QWSBH Management and Content Delivery for Smart Networks: Algorithms and Modeling ICT4SS
01TSBRV Mining knowledge from complex networks PhD
01NWDBH Mobile and Sensor Networks ICT4SS
01QFQBG Mobile Broadband Networks CCNE
01QWPBG Network Measurements Laboratory CCNE
01QWNBG Network modelling and simulation CCNE
01QWTBH Operational Research: theory and applications ICT4SS
01POJOV Projects and laboratory on communication systems ELN and INF
12CDUOA Reti di Calcolatori INF and CIN
01NBDPL Sistemi Telematici GES
01RLFPG Strumenti ICT per la gestione dei servizi GES
01RLIBG Switching technologies for data centers CCNE