Hardware & Wireless Security

Professors: Marco Mellia

Official description of the course: here

The course, taught in English in the second semester of the second year of the Master of Science in Cybersecurity, is one of the characterizing courses of all the tracks. It aims to present the technologies for wireless communications and the security challenges they create for the cyber security of IT systems. This course focuses on the challenges in providing secure communication and network services in various wireless systems and approaches to managing these challenges. Topic coverage includes both the technology overview of different wireless communications systems and vulnerabilities, attacks, security mechanisms, and trade-offs at various layers of the protocol stack, from aspects of physical communication to application and service security issues; examples include jamming, MAC-layer misbehaviour, selective packet dropping, and cross-layer holistic attacks. The course introduces wireless technologies, including cellular, WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC, IoT-specific technologies and navigation systems. The students will learn about the various wireless system architectures and the security challenges one must consider and face to offer a reliable and secure communication system. The students will gain hands-on experience using tools and practical lab experiences.