Luca Vassio

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From September 2018, assistant professor at Politecnico di Torino, after obtaining in March 2018 a PhD in Electronics and Communication Engineering, “cum laude”. He is also a Mathematical Engineer (M.Sc. degree in mathematical modelling for engineering). In the last years he was hosted and worked for Bell Labs, MIT, UFMG, EPFL.

He is interested in many fields of data science, from big data analytics problems to the usage of statistical, machine learning and data mining approaches. He is expert in creating analytical and data-driven models of real phenomena and  optimizing performances in different scenarios.

In 2009 and 2010, he collaborated in the design and construction of a hydrogen fuel cell low-consumption vehicle (Team H2polito). In 2013 and 2014 he was employed by GE Aviation for optimizing aeronautical low-pressure turbines.

His current work is focused on studying the behaviour of the people both on the internet and in cars, with focus on two complementary aspects: (i) data analytics, and (ii) user modelling

His research interests include:

  • Data-driven and analytical modelling of human behaviour
  • Internet traffic data analysis and dynamics over networks
  • Machine learning and data mining for big data analytics
  • Optimization algorithms (metaheuristics, operations research, trust-region…)
  • Applications to automotive and aeronautical engineering


  • 35+ peer-reviewed publications, including 5 IEEE/ACM Trans.
  • 3 keynotes and tutorials
  • 40+ supervised students
  • Teaching in 5 graduate courses
  • Chair in 3 Workshops, and TPC in 5+ conferences
  • Increasing number of citations, with first published paper in 2014

You can find more about me at: