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I graduated from the Politecnico di Torino with Ph.D. in Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering in 2001. Between February and October 1997, I was a Researcher supported by CSELT. I was a Visiting PhD Student starting from February 1999 to November 1999 at the Computer Science Department of Carnegie Mellon University, where I worked with Prof. Hui Zhang and Ion Stoica.  From February to March 2002 I visited the Sprint Advanced Technology Laboratories Burlingame, California, working at the IP Monitoring Project (IPMON). During the summer 2011 and 2012 I visited Narus Inc, Sunnyvale, California, where I worked on traffic classification problems. In the summer of 2017, I visited Cisco System in San Jose, California. I am the co-founder of Ermes Cyber Security, a startup providing B2B solutions to protect companies from web-tracking.

I co-authored over 200 papers published in international journals and presented in leading international conferences, all of them in the area of telecommunication networks, and I hold 11 patents. I was awarded the IRTF Applied Networking Research Prize in 2013, and the best paper award at ACM CoNEXT 2013, IEEE TRAC 2015, IEEE ICDCS 201, ITC 2015, ITC 2018.  I participated in the program committees of several conferences including ACM SIGCOMM, ACM CoNEXT, ACM IMC, IEEE Infocom, IEEE Globecom and IEEE ICC. I am Area Editor of ACM CCR, and part of the Editorial Board of IEEE Transactions of Networks and Service Management. I’m chairing the steering committee of ACM CoNEXT.

My research interests are in traffic monitoring and analysis with applications to security and traffic management, in applications of Big Data techniques, Data Science and Machine Learning at large, applied to different areas, from privacy to predictive maintenance, from transportation to fleet management. I was the coordinator of the FP7 mPlane Integrated Project that focuses on building an Intelligent Measurement Plane for Future Network and Application Management

Now I’m coordinating the SmartData@PoliTO interdepartmental center in Politecnico, where more than 50 students, professors, and researchers are working on Big Data, Machine Learning and Data Science applications.

I’m now the coordinator of the H2020 PIMCity project focusing on technical solution to untangle the online ads&privacy ecosystem,

I’m Full Professor at the Dipartimento di Elettronica e Telecomunicazioni at Politecnico di Torino, coordinator of SmartData@PoliTO center, and IEEE Fellow.

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  • Best Paper Award at IEEE P2P 2012


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