Laboratorio di Internet

Professors: Andrea Bianco

Official description of the course: here

Understanding how the Internet and communications networks work is therefore fundamental for all engineering sectors, from biomedical to computer engineering, from electronics to management sectors. In this context, this course offers students practical laboratories to face in practice the possibilities and problems related to the usage of the Internet, for a conscious and critical use of these tools.

The course is purely experimental: students carry out laboratory experiments aimed at tackling problems of increasing complexity, in order to acquire an experimental knowledge of the possibilities offered by Internet applications. The course is of interest to students closest to Internet applications (Electronic Engineering, Computer Engineering, Cinema and Media Engineering, Management Engineering, Automotive Engineering). The course is offered to all Engineering students who have basic knowledge of the operation of the Internet and of the TCP / IP protocols, and who intend to deeper their understanding via practical laboratories. During laboratories, students will work in groups of three colleagues, with different background to balance the skills within each group.

At the end of the course, the student will acquire the ability to use applications on the Internet having developed critical and practical skills, and to address the problems that may arise in using it. Students will develop experimental skills related to practical experiments and the analysis on a technical-scientific basis, analyzing the impact of different solutions. Working with other colleagues, the students will also develop skills in teamwork and division of labor.