Thesis in the Telecommunication Network Research Group

A standard template for the thesis can be found on specific overleaf Latex template with some suggestions about the organization of the thesis.

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Our theses are challenging research theses, allowing the student to join a research group who has been very active for many years in the research field of telecommunication networks.

A good student at the end of thesis is expected to achieve results that are published at international level in conferences and journals. Most of the proposed theses are related to cooperation research projects at national or international level, and may require to interact with other external researchers. Such interactions are usually very useful for future job hunting.

The main requirements for starting a thesis are both the personal motivation and a strong academic curriculum, especially for the exams related to the telecommunication networks (related to network protocols, wireless networks, telematica, switching architectures, traffic theory and others). Depending on the kind of thesis (simulative, theoretical or experimental), different skills will be preferable.

The following list regards just the research topics related to our proposals of theses. The precise topic of the thesis will be discussed with the mentor and depends not only on the student academic background, but also on his skills and interests. Note that some theses might have been assigned in the meanwhile and become available again only after some months.

The effective duration of a thesis depends mainly on the student effort. A very good student is able to achieve the results corresponding to a thesis, that will evaluated very well, through a full-time effort of about 6-8 months (for theses of 30 credits).

Thesis in an external company

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The thesis is mentored by both a company tutor and an academic tutor. Note that it will be evaluated on the published version of the work, without taking into account related patents or intellectual properties.

Here you can find the list of the available theses mentored by professors belonging to the Telecommunication Network Group.

Note that for some of the theses, the company may offer a reimbursement or a month salary.