Zunera Umar

  • Email: zunera.umar@polito.it

Zunera Umar is born on January 20th, 1991 in Multan(Pakistan).

She completed her Master Degree in Communication and Computer Network Engineering in March, 2020.

Since June 2020 she is working on research project “Analysis of the impact of advanced sleep modes in the latest generation Base Station” supervised by Prof. Michela Meo.

She started her PhD from November, 2020 under supervision of Prof. Michela Meo. Her main research inclination is:

  • Green Mobile Communication networks, to understand the increase in energy demand and solutions for efficient resource utilization in today‚Äôs networking scenarios.
  • Research and development of an optimized energy efficient system design that suits 5G and 6G communication networks considering requirements of both vertical markets and consumer end.