Leonardo Severi

All Publications

  1. Sacchetto, Matteo; Severi, Leonardo; Rottondi, Cristina; Shtrepi, Louena; Masoero, Marco Carlo; Barbagallo, Carlo; Valle, Andrea; Servetti, Antonio, Pristine Quality Networked Music Performance System for the Web, in: Proceedings of the 10th Convention of the European Acoustics Association Forum Acusticum 2023, 2024
  2. Severi, Leonardo; Cuccarese, Antonio; Bianco, Andrea; Rottondi, Cristina, Assessment of Recovery Journal-Based Packet Loss Concealment Techniques for Low-Latency MIDI Streaming, in: AES, 2023
  3. Bert, Diego; Domini, Nicola; Peloso, Riccardo; Severi, Leonardo; Sacchetto, Matteo; Bianco, Andrea; Rottondi, Cristina, FPGA-based Low-Latency Audio Coprocessor for Networked Music Performance, in: International Symposium on the Internet of Sounds, 2023