Evgenia Christoforou

  • Email: evgenia.christoforou@polito.it
  • Phone: 0110904228

Evgenia Christoforou has recently joined the Department of Electronics and Telecommunications at Politecnico di Torino  as a Post-doc researcher.  Previously, she held a position at IMDEA Network as PhD student when in 2017 she received her PhD in Mathematical Engineering from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. Her thesis, “Achieving Reliability and Fairness in Online Task Computing Environments” received an award for the best thesis of the department. During her PhD she was awarded a highly competitive FPU scholarship from the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports (MECD) to purse her studies, and carried out a six months internship at MIT. In 2012 she received her Master degree in Computer Science while being employed as a Research Assistant in the Department of Computer Science in the University Cyprus, on a project funded by the Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation. Her research focuses on Mechanism Design and Game Theory, with an emphasis on mechanisms that improve quality and increase reliability in crowdsourcing settings. Moreover, she has looked into mechanisms that impose fairness conditions among rational players without the use of monetary incentives. Currently, she is studying the performance of ranking algorithms that operate under noisy comparisons.