Danilo Giordano

Journal papers

  1. Cocca, Michele; Giordano, Danilo; Mellia, Marco; Vassio, Luca, Free floating electric car sharing design: Data driven optimisation, in: PERVASIVE AND MOBILE COMPUTING, 2019
  2. Apiletti, Daniele; Baralis, Elena; Cerquitelli, Tania; Garza, Paolo; Giordano, Danilo; Mellia, Marco; Venturini, Luca, SeLINA: a Self-Learning Insightful Network Analyzer, in: IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON NETWORK AND SERVICE MANAGEMENT, 2016
  3. Giordano, Danilo; Traverso, Stefano; Grimaudo, Luigi; Mellia, Marco; Baralis, Elena; Tongaonkar, Alok; Saha, Sabyasachi, YouLighter: A Cognitive Approach to Unveil YouTube CDN and Changes, in: IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON COGNITIVE COMMUNICATIONS AND NETWORKING, 2015