Suggested readings


  • Kurose-Ross: Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach, 8th Edition.
  • Achille Pattavina: Internet e reti: fondamenti. (solo su Amazon)

QoS issues

  • S.Keshav, “An engineering approach to computer networking”.
  • H.Chao, X.Guo, “Quality of Service Control in High-Speed Networks”, Wiley, 2002


  • BroadBand Forum,
    • OLD – Frame Relay Forum (now Broadband Forum),
    • OLD – ATM Forum (now Broadband forum),
  • Internet,
  • Next Generation Ethernet,

Papers on scheduling

  • H. Zhang, “Service Disciplines for Guaranteed Performance Service in Packet-Switching Networks”, Proc. IEEE, vol. 83, Oct. 1995, pp.1374-96
  • A. Varma, D. Stiliadis, “Hardware Implementations of Fair Queueing Algorithms for Asynchronous Transfer Mode Networks”,
    IEEE Communications Magazine, Dec. 1997, pp. 54-68
  • A. Parekh, R. Gallager, “A Generalized Processor Sharing Approach to Flow Control in Integrated Services Networks: the Single Node Case”, IEEE/ACM Trans. On Networking, vol. 1, no.3, June 1993

Other references available in class slides