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Daniela Renga

+39 011 0904193
daniela [dot] renga [at] polito [dot] it

Daniela Renga was born in Torino (Italy) on April 22nd, 1979.

She graduated in Medicine and Surgery in 2004 from the Università degli Studi di Torino and has been working as a physician at the Pediatric Hospital OIRM in Torino until 2009.

She received her Bachelor's degree in Telecommunication Engineering in October 2012 and her Master degree in Computer and Communication Networks Engineering in October 2014, both from Politecnico di Torino. Her master thesis is titled “Energy-efficient solutions for dense WLANs”.

In November 2014 she started her Ph.D program joining the Telecommunication Networks Group at the Department of Electronics and Telecommunications, under the supervision of professor Michela Meo.

Her research activity is currently focused on energy efficiency in the telecommunication networks (in particular in wireless networks) and on smart grids and renewable energies in the scope of sustainable mobile networks.



Current areas of interest: 

Energy efficient wireless networks

Radio resource management in wireless networks

Smart grids and renewable energies in the scope of mobile networks