5G-CARMEN – 5G digital corridor for the connected and automated mobility of the future on European roads

The 5G-CARMEN project is a medium-term effort to significantly drive the research, implementation and demonstration of refined 5G solutions for the Cooperative, Connected, and Automated Mobility. In 5G-CARMEN important European industries, academics and innovative SMEs commit to achieve world-wide impact by conducting extensive trials across an important corridor (by people/goods traffic volumes), from Bologna to Munich, spanning 600 km of roads, connecting three European regions (Bavaria, Tirol and Trentino/South-Tyrol) across three countries. Vehicle manoeuvre negotiation (at various levels of automation), infotainment, and emission control in sensitive areas are the cross-border use cases targeted by 5G-CARMEN pilots in order to maximise the project commercial, societal, end environmental impact.