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Future Internet Gateway-based Architecture of Residential Networks


The Internet has evolved from a technology-centric core network to a user- and content-centric network that must support millions of users creating and consuming content. It must accommodate new services with new requirements and cope with heterogeneous network technologies. Such a change requires rethinking the Internet and so FIGARO proposes a new evolvable Future Internet gateway-based architecture of residential networks. In this architecture, the residential gateway has a key role as integrator of different networks and services, and as coordinator of Internet-wide distributed content management.

In this project, FIGARO will design and develop the fundamental building blocks of its architecture.

  • FIGARO will deliver a network management architecture which includes new network monitoring and real-time troubleshooting techniques.
  • FIGARO will develop a network optimization framework, leveraging community networks and heterogeneous networks.
  • FIGARO will design a novel content management architecture that enables distributed content backup, search and access. This architecture will also support mobile users and wireless ad-hoc content sharing.
  • FIGARO will explore novel Internet-based communication and service solutions for emerging sectors, such as energy management and e-health care.

We will deliver the components of the FIGARO architecture through an experimental approach incorporating testbed prototyping of solutions. In summary, FIGARO has great potential to evolve the current Internet to meet current and future demands of applications, services and end-users. Furthermore, the integration of new sectors into the future Internet will spur trans-sector innovation and create new businesses. The project is expected to result in technologies that will strengthen Europe’s position and give competitive advantage to European industry in the areas of Future Internet technologies, residential gateways and home automation.

International project
Fri, 10/01/2010 - Mon, 09/30/2013
Contratti UE - cooperazione internazionale (Progetti di Ricerca Europei)
  • Technicolor R&D Paris (FR)
  • Martel GmbH (CH)
  • Technicolor R&D France (FR)
  • Université Pierre et Marie Curie (FR)
  • Politecnico di Torino (IT)
  • Telefonica I+D (ES)
  • Eurecom (FR)
  • Philips Consumer Lifestyle (NL)
  • TNO (NL)
  • Guavus Network Systems (IN)
  • Home Automation Europe (NL)
  • University of Waterloo (CA)
€ 8.075271m