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Mobile Broadband speedtest


Welcome to the Mobile Broadband SpeedTest

First of all, we thank you for your collaboration. 
The goal of this research is to collect a wide range speed test traces for the mobile broadband (MBB) networks, as seen from actual users while moving around the city using public vehicles.
We invite thus students to run a speedtest while they are on busses or trams. If you want to run a test, follow the instructions below.
Test prerequisites:
  1. A mobile phone with data plan
    1. Please keep in mind that speedtest of 10 minute on 4G and 3G can use up to 2 GByte and 200 MByte of your data respectively
    2. Be sure to have enough data quota or force the 3G connection
  2. The HE.NET network tool on your cellphone. You can find it here:
    1. Android 
    2. iOS
  3. Have google map installed on your phone
    1. We ask you to use it to share the path you did during the test.
  4. Disable the power saving and autolock features of your phone
    1. During the test, the HE.NET application must be active (running in foreground), and the phone must be alive (not entering into power saving mode)
      1. you can reduce the display brightness to save battery if needed, but the test lasts 10 min...
    2. On iOS, Settings->General->Auto-Lock->Never 
    3. On Android, ask Google


To run a test, please, follow the next step

  1. Open google map, and take a screenshot of your starting position
  2. Run an upload iperf test, for 10 min with MONROE-SUPERVISOR.POLITO.IT server:
    1. Start the HE.NET tool
    2. Select iperf from the menu
    3. Choose iperf2
    4. Enter the following parameters

      -c MONROE-SUPERVISOR.POLITO.IT -i 1 -t 600 

      -c : run the iperf in client mode followed by the iperf server name
      -t : the test duration in second (NOTE: please try with at least 600 seconds)
      -i : seconds between periodic bandwidth reports (printed on your mobile screen)

    5. Leave other options as default (IPv4, TCP, ...)
    6. NOTE: as previously said, we need a long test (>10min). This may consume a lot of data. You can stop the test by killing the application.
  3. At the end, open Google map again, and take a screenshot of your ending position
    1. You could take a screenshot of the map with the path has highlighted by the Google map service directly.
  4. Send an email to ali [dot] safari [at] polito [dot] it with a text describing
    1. Your provider (TIM, Vodafone, 3, Wind, Fastweb, ...)
    2. Your connectivity (3G, 4G)
    3. Your starting position (attach the first gmap screenshot)
    4. Your ending position (attach the second gmap screenshot)
    5. your transportation mean (walking, driving, Tram, bus, etc)
    6. any comment or note you like
Thanks a lot
The MBB speedtest team