Research @ IPL

Research at Image Processing Lab is mainly focused on

> Multimedia signal processing and networking

> Compression of satellite images and remote sensing

Latest 10 publications of IPL (click on the author's name for his/her homepage)

  • Athira Nambiar, Marco Tagliasacchi, Enrico Magli, Secure image databases through distributed source coding of SIFT descriptors, 2012 IEEE International Workshop on Multimedia Signal Processing (MMSP), Sep. 2012
  • Attilio Fiandrotti, Anooq Sheikh, Enrico Magli, Towards a P2P Videoconferencing System Based on Low-Delay Network Coding, 2012 European Signal Processing Conference (EUSIPCO), Aug. 2012
  • Marco Toldo, Enrico Magli, Low-delay peer-to-peer media streaming based on network coding over randomized multicast trees, IEEE Transactions on Multimedia (to appear), 2012
  • Pierre Duhamel, Enrico Magli, Gabriella Olmo, Christine Guillemot, Michel Kieffer, Claudio Weidmann, Multimedia signal processing for wireless delivery, in S. Benedetto, L.M. Correia, M. Luise (Editor), The Newcom++ Vision Book, Springer, 2012
  • Enrico Baccaglini, Tammam Tillo, Gabriella Olmo, Image and video transmission: a comparison study of using unequal loss protection and multiple description coding, Multimedia Tools and Applications "Special Issue: Mobile Media Delivery", Vol.55, No.2, pp.247-259, ISSN: 1380-7501, November 2011
  • Phil Chou, Francesco De Natale, Enrico Magli, Eckehard Steinbach, Trends in multimedia signal processing, IEEE Signal Processing Magazine, Vol.28, No.6, pp.197-198, Nov. 2011
  • Attilio Fiandrotti, Simone Zezza, Enrico Magli, Complexity-adaptive random network coding for peer-to-peer video streaming, IEEE International Workshop on Multimedia Signal Processing, Oct. 2011
  • Andrea Abrardo, Mauro Barni, Andrea Bertoli, Raoul Grimoldi, Enrico Magli, Raffaele Vitulli, Low-complexity approaches for lossless and near-lossless hyperspectral image compression, in B. Huang (Editor), Satellite Data Compression, Springer, Sept. 2011
  • Maurizio Pancrazzi, Mauro Focardi, Michela Uslenghi, Gianalfredo Nicolini, Enrico Magli, Fabrizio Landini, Marco Romoli, Alessandro Bemporad, Ester Antonucci, Silvano Fineschi, Giampiero Naletto, Piergiorgio Nicolosi, Daniele Spadaro, Vincenzo Andretta, The Solar Orbiter METIS Coronagraph data signal processing chain, SPIE Optical Systems Design, Sept. 2011
  • Giulio Coluccia, Enrico Magli, Aline Roumy, Velotiaray Toto-Zarasoa, Lossy compression of distributed sparse sources: a practical scheme, 2011 European Signal processing Conference (EUSIPCO), Aug. 2011

For a complete list, please visit the personal page of each group member.

Multimedia signal processing

This research area is devoted to the development of multimedia applications for the wired and wireless environment. The development of mobile systems and their market penetration is growing impressively and the scientific community largely agrees upon the opinion that the wireless applications are the future of research and development in the field of multimedia. Multimedia services such as video on demand, e-commerce, videoconferencing, interactive tele-teaching, tele-medicine, on-line multimedia library, exchange of videos and many more even difficult to imagine nowadays, are expected to be accessed also by mobile users. In this vision, the paradigm of personal multimedia communication systems - "anyone, anywhere, anytime" - would be fulfilled.

The advent of third generation networks, keeping apart their impact on human life, poses new fascinating challenges to researchers in the field of communications and multimedia applications. Furthermore, communication system evolution will most likely raise the end-user's expectations regarding the Quality of Service: the transition from so-called communications quality to premium, or near-premium, quality forces the study of techniques ensuring more reliable signal delivery.

The research approach is interdisciplinary, involving both signal processing and hardware (ASICs, DSP, FPGA) expertise. The main research topics currently developed by IPL researchers are: