People @ IPL

Below is a list of people currently working in the lab, along with contact information. Click on the name for biography, publications and useful material.

Enrico Magli Associate Professor +39.011.564.4195 S4-IB-08
Gabriella Olmo Associate Professor,(away for sabbatical period) +39.011.564.4094 S4-IC-07
Tiziano Bianchi Assistant Professor +39.011.564.4094 S4-IC-07
Valerio Bioglio Postdoctoral Researcher +39.011.564.4182 S4-IB-20
Giulio Coluccia Postdoctoral Researcher +39.011.564.4182 S4-IB-20
Attilio Fiandrotti Postdoctoral Researcher +39.011.564.4230 S4-MB-11
Sophie Fosson Postdoctoral Researcher
Chiara Ravazzi Postdoctoral Researcher
Ph.D Student
Akhlaque Ahmad Ph.D Student
Muhamamd Usman Shahid Ph.D Student
Umer Ijaz Ph.D Student
Biao Zhao Ph.D Student
Sala Dottorandi DELEN
Tomas Bjorklund Graduate Student
Marco Ricci Graduate Student
Diego Valsesia Graduate Student
Enrico Ferrera Researcher under grant +39.011.564.4230 S4-ID-16
Marco Grangetto Assistant Professor +39.011.564.4229 S4-ID-20
Tammam Tillo Assistant Professor +39.011.564.4230 S4-ID-16
Barbara Penna Postdoctoral Researcher +39.011.564.4229 S4-ID-20
Enrico Baccaglini Postdoctoral Researcher +39.011.564.4230 S4-ID-16
Pasquale Cataldi Postdoctoral Researcher +39.011.564.4182 S4-IB-20

Our rooms are in Dipartimento di Elettronica - Politecnico di Torino (above classroom 12, "sede storica", building S4), first (IB), second (IC) and third (ID) floor.