Tiziano Bianchi

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Tiziano Bianchi

Tiziano Bianchi received the Laurea degree (cum laude) in Electronics Engineering in 2001 from the University of Florence and the Ph.D. degree in Information and Telecommunication Engineering in 2005, from the same University.

In March 2005 he received a two year research grant from the Dept. of Electronics and Telecommunications of the University of Florence (DET-UNIFI) regarding the "Study of advanced multicarrier modulation techniques for the implementation of the physical layer in fourth generation wireless systems". In March 2007 he received a three year research grant from DET-UNIFI regarding the "Analysis and study of signal processing techniques for the security of multimedia contents". From March 2010 to December 2010 he collaborated with the Interuniversity National Consortium for Telecommunications (CNIT) regarding the development of image forensics algorithms for assessing the integrity of digital images. From January 2011 to August 2011 he collaborated with DET-UNIFI regarding the development of advanced segmentation-based multiresolution methods for speckle reduction and texture restoration in high-resolution SAR imagery. From September 2011 to December 2011 he collaborated with CNIT regarding the analysis of footprints in digital images left during the acquisition phase and the development of detectors of such traces in the presence of attackers. From February 2012 to December 2012 he received a research grant from DET-UNIFI regarding "Signal processing techniques for integrity verification and source identification of digital images and video sequences".

From December 2012 he is an Assistant Professor with the Dept. of Electronics and Telecommunications of Politecnico di Torino.


His current research interests include multimedia content security technologies and signal processing in the encrypted domain. His research activity has also focused on the application of signal processing techniques to communications and denoising of SAR images through multiresolution techniques.

He is currently involved in the ERC project "CRISP - Towards compressive information processing systems".

He participated to several Italian and European projects, including "MC-CDMA: an air interface for fourth generation mobile systems" (PRIN, 2002-2004), "Situation and location aware design solutions over heterogeneous wireless networks" (PRIN, 2005-2007) and the Network of Excellence "NEWCOM (Network of Excellence in Wireless Communications)". In the field of multimedia content security, he participated in the European Project IST SPEED "Signal Processing in the EncryptEd Domain", December 2006 - November 2009, in the Italian Project (PRIN) "Privacy aware processing of encrypted signals for treating sensitive information", September 2008 - September 2010, and to the EU Research Project "LivingKnowledge – Facts, Opinions and Bias in Time", February 2009 - February 2012. In the field of remote sensing, he participated to the ASI Research Project "COSMO-SkyMed", February 2010 - February 2012. He currently participates to the EU Research Project "REWIND – REVerse engineering of audio-VIsual coNtent Data".

He is the author of more than 80 publications on international journals and conferences as well as book chapters. From 2005, he is reviewer for several international journals in the field of signal processing, security and communications, including IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics & Security, IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, IEEE Transactions on Communications, IEEE Signal Processing Letters, IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing.

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He currently gives lectures for the course on "Image and Video Processing" at Politecnico di Torino.

From 2004 to 2009 he gave lectures for the course on "Digital Signal Processing" of the University of Firenze, Laurea degree in Information Engineering, and from 2005 to 2008 he gave lectures for the course on "Telematics for Art Exhibitions" of the University of Firenze, Laurea degree in Design and Management of Events and Art Exhibitions (PROGEAS). He also gave lectures for the course of "Multimedia Content Security" at the Engineering Faculty of the University of Florence and he has been co-advisor of more than 30 Master Theses at the same Faculty.